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Jennifer K. Barton

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Michael Hammer, PhD

Associate Director, Omics
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Lussier Yves, MD

Associate Director, Informatics
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Michael Worobey, PhD

Associate Director, Microbiome
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Advisory Board

Business Advisory Board
  • The BIO5 Business Advisory Board assists in the advancement of BIO5 initiatives and research, provides counsel on economic development opportunities, and helps establish ongoing dialogue with the business sector, the public, and government officials. Members work closely with BIO5 leadership and staff to identify priorities and assist in long-range planning efforts. Additionally, they help further workforce development and K-12 science and health literacy objectives by offering guidance and by serving as points of connection and contact within the community.

    • Robert Ashley

      CEO Ashley BioPharm, LLC
    • Martha Brumfield

      President & CEO Critical Path Institute
    • Gilbert Davidson

      Town Manager Marana
    • Robert Davis

      Partner Tango Commercial Real Estate, LLC
    • Brian Ellerman

      Global Head, Distributed (Clinical) Study Program Sanofi
    • Burt Ensley

      Chairman & CEO MatrixDesign
    • Larry M. Hecker

      Managing Partner Hecker, PLLC
    • Thomas W. Keating

      Chairman Loma Catalina Company
    • Helen Wertheim

      Retired President & CEOCharter Insurance Services Inc.
    • Marie Wesselhoft

      President & Co-Founder MSDx
DEANS Advisory Board
  • The BIO5 Deans Advisory Board includes deans of the original ‘5’ BIO5 colleges- Agriculture, Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Science- who consult and collaborate with the Director of BIO5 on shared initiatives.

    • Shane Burgess, PhD

      College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
    • Charles Cairns, MD

      College of Medicine
    • Jeff Goldberg, PhD

      College of Engineering
    • Rick Schnellmann, PhD

      College of Pharmacy
    • Guy Reed, MD, MS

      College of Medicine-Phx
    • Joaquin Ruiz, PhD

      College of Science