Perry R Skeath

Research Interests

Research, development and large-scale commercialization of unobtrusive wearable devices for human health monitoring, including textile-based, fiber-based and flexible hybrid electronic (FHE) sensing devices and systems for physiological and biochemical measures. As a university faculty that is helping lead the advance of this technology, I have the opportunity to coordinate the medical, engineering and industrial progress needed for full clinical application of disposable "lab in a bandage" devices. Our UA program development is occurring in the context of the White House's major new national program to make the US manufacturing base into the strongest and most innovative in the world. Currently at nine manufacturing innovation institutes (MIIs) with dozens more planned, they are known collectively as Manufacturing USA ( ). The University of Arizona is a founding member of two of the nine manufacturing innovation institutes. I led UA’s participation in the founding of NextFlex, the Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) MII, and am leading UA’s involvement in NextFlex’s Workforce Development Program. Our close connection with NextFlex enables us to engage companies in challenging projects with UA, translating mere product ideas into remarkable, manufacturable products that substantially improve people’s lives.(2) Improvement of medical research methodology. Keywords: Wearable Human Performance Monitors