Stacey R Tecot
Associate Professor, Anthropology
Primary Department
Department Affiliations
(520) 621-6294
Research Interest
I study how the environment shapes the behavior and physiology of humans and non-human primates. I use a variety of methods, including behavioral, hormonal, genetic kinship, and gut microbiome analyses. I am particularly interested in cooperation/bonding, sexuality, wildlife endocrinology, and conservation. Active projects include the evolution of shared infant care, male bonding, human-animal interaction, noninvasive field methods (for hormone analysis and individual animal ID), and modeling inter- and intra-specific responses to habitat fragmentation. Along with these research interests, I am actively engaged in conservation in Madagascar. I maintain field sites in Madagascar, where I have studied lemurs since 2000. I also direct the Laboratory for the Evolutionary Endocrinology at the University of Arizona (LEEP). LEEP provides training and hormone assay services for researchers and students.