Cancer Center Division

Professor, Medical Imaging, Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Member of the Graduate Faculty

My lab develops magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques with an emphasis on quantitative imaging to improve the diagnosis of early disease and the effect of treatment. Main areas of disease focus are cancer, cardiovascular, and metabolic disorders. A focus of our work is clinical translation, thus the methods that we developed provide high quality and accurate quantitative imaging within the time constraints of a clinical MRI scan. Support for our work is provided by the National Institutes of Health, the Arizona Biomedical research Centre, the American Heart Association, and industry and our technology is distributed worldwide.

Professor, Immunobiology , Member of the Graduate Faculty

Cancer models have been utilized to define properties of the anti-tumor response and factors that regulate the function of distinct cellular populations. The overarching results highlight the importance of the Wnt signaling pathways that utilize the canonical pathways but also new pathways that don’t utilize the canonical pathways. These pathways may also be significantly impacted by Notch signaling. Novel cellular functions have been identified and the hope is that it will lead to innovative therapeutic approaches to treat cancer. In addition, studies of the Wnt antagonist DKK1 in the chronic parasitic infections by Leishmania major are being utilized to define the primary mechanistic interactions that lead to the infections.