Science Talks Podcast with white microphone on a dark blue background, surrounded by white icons representing various science fields/tools. Advertises episode 2 with Dr. Jianqin Lu (male)
Episode 2: Science Talks with Dr. Jianqin Lu
In this episode of Science Talks, Brooke Moreno and Sean Cadin talk with BIO5 COVID-19 seed grant awardee Dr. Jianqin Lu about his two treatment-based COVID-19 projects.
Brittany Uhlorn, BIO5 Institute

Science Talks: a conversation hosted by UArizona’s BIO5 Institute, is a podcast and video series highlighting the important research and innovation happening at BIO5. 

Science Talks hosts and BIO5 staff members Brooke Moreno and Sean Cadin interview researchers representing the Institute's core mission areas, initiatives, events, programs and more. Through these candid interviews, listeners get a close-up look at the research aimed at tackling the world's biggest challenges and will understand how it impacts all of us, our state and our world.

In this episode, Moreno and Cadin talk with Dr. Jianqin Lu, BIO5 member and assistant professor in the College of Pharmacy, about his two BIO5 COVID-19 seed grant projects. The first focuses on the use of nanotechnology to improve efficacy and minimize toxicity of anti-malarial drugs against COVID-19, while the second project explores whether enhancing COVID-19 patients’ immune systems can treat their infections.