Associate Professor, Immunobiology, Associate Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Associate Professor, Cancer Biology - GIDP, Associate Professor, BIO5 Institute

We aim to understand the mechanisms of HPV infection, the cellular responses to HPV infection, and how the interplay between host and virus influences the outcome

Assistant Research Scientist, Cancer Center Division, Associate Professor, BIO5 Institute, Investigator, Center for Toxicology, Professor, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Professor, Cancer Biology - GIDP

Bernard Futscher's lab is studying the molecular origins of human cancer. Understanding epigenetic dysfunction in human cancer has been Dr. Futscher's primary research focus since establishing his own independent laboratory. This epigenetic research has moved into the area of noncoding RNAs and their potential role in cancer cell immortality.

Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Department Head, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Professor, Cancer Biology - GIDP, Professor, Genetics - GIDP, Professor, BIO5 Institute
Associate Professor, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Associate Professor, Cancer Biology - GIDP, Assistant Professor, BIO5 Institute
Assistant Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Assistant Professor, BIO5 Institute

We combine chemical and computer vision approaches to discover how regenerative tissues process environmental information to promote accurate cell fate decisions and prevent uncontrolled cell growth.

Assistant Professor, Virology, Assistant Professor, Cancer Biology - GIDP, Assistant Professor, Genetics - GIDP, Assistant Professor, Immunobiology, Assistant Professor, BIO5 Institute