Environmental health

Professor, Public Health, Professor, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Professor, American Indian Studies-GIDP, Member of the Graduate Faculty, Professor, BIO5 Institute
Professor, Public Health, Associate Dean, Research-Public Health, Adjunct Professor, Mining and Geological Engineering, Associate Dean, Research - Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health, Member of the Graduate Faculty, Professor, BIO5 Institute
Professor, Entomology, Professor, Entomology / Insect Science - GIDP, Specialist, Entomology, Professor, BIO5 Institute

Public health entomologist and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) advocate working on pests that impact human health, and IPM in the built environment.

Professor, Applied Mathematics - GIDP, Professor, Public Health, Director, Statistical Research and Education, Professor, Agricultural-Biosystems Engineering, Professor, Mathematics, Professor, Statistics-GIDP, Professor, BIO5 Institute

Data science for environmental and public health applications, with emphasis on environmental risk assessment and informatics for precision medicine.

Associate Professor, Public Health , Member of the General Faculty, Member of the Graduate Faculty

Dr. Verhougstraete is an integrated health related microbiologist. He examines the source, transport, and occurrence of pathogens in the environment, measures human exposures to pathogens, and defines associated risks to mitigate adverse health outcomes. His research includes assessment of microorganisms in irrigation canals, beaches, estuaries, rivers, lakes, groundwater wells, household drinking water systems, and healthcare environments. His research has highlighted multiple hazards in each system, the driving factors of microbial exposures, and defining critical interventions. Marc’s most recent research has quantified microbe and metal occurrences in water distribution systems of underrepresented individuals, modeled expected outcomes, and defined appropriate water treatment interventions for the most vulnerable communities. Ultimately, Dr. Verhougstraete aims to reduce pathogen infections that exacerbate chronic diseases by combining environmental assessment, novel dose-response approaches, and risk assessment models all to inform health oriented interventions.

Professor, Public Health , Professor, Clinical Translational Sciences , Member of the General Faculty, Member of the Graduate Faculty

I conduct research at the nexus of ecotoxicology, mechanisms of toxicity, and health disparities. I study wildlife and laboratory animals as models for human exposure and disease, as well as to solve problems in conservation biology. I am especially interested in health disparities experienced by vulnerable populations and I employ a Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) approach. I integrate a variety of methods to establish routes of exposure and mechanisms of developmental disruption ranging from the genome to the whole organism and its environment.