Environmental health
Associate Professor, American Indian Studies-GIDP, Associate Professor, BIO5 Institute, Associate Professor, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Associate Professor, Public Health
Adjunct Professor, Mining and Geological Engineering, Associate Dean, Research-Public Health, Professor, BIO5 Institute, Professor, Public Health, Associate Dean, Research - Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health
Specialist, Entomology, Professor, BIO5 Institute, Professor, Entomology, Professor, Entomology / Insect Science - GIDP
Study the ecology of bed bugs and key vector mosquito species in order to improve management strategies.
Director, Statistical Research and Education, Professor, Agricultural-Biosystems Engineering, Professor, Applied Mathematics - GIDP, Professor, BIO5 Institute, Professor, Mathematics, Professor, Public Health, Professor, Statistics-GIDP
Data science for environmental and public health applications, with emphasis on environmental risk assessment and informatics for precision medicine.