Stem cells

Professor, Immunobiology, Associate Professor, Surgery, Associate Professor, Genetics - GIDP, Associate Professor, Cancer Biology - GIDP, Member of the Graduate Faculty, Associate Professor, BIO5 Institute
Professor, Medicine - (Research Scholar Track), Research Scientist, Professor, BIO5 Institute

Our lab has a new treatment for heart failure. We have a biodegradable graft seeded with adult human cells that we put on the surface of the heart. The potential is to regenerate new heart muscle

Executive Director, AHSC Biorepository, Professor, Immunobiology, Professor, Medicine, Professor, Applied BioSciences - GIDP, Professor, BIO5 Institute

We are involved in banking clinical specimens obtained from various patients for use in biomarker discovery and clinical therapies. Clinical therapies may include regenerative medicine, transplant or gene therapy.

Associate Professor, Neurology, Associate Professor, Medicine, Associate Professor, Neuroscience - GIDP, Associate Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Associate Professor, Evelyn F Mcknight Brain Institute, Associate Professor, Clinical Translational Sciences, Associate Professor, Physiological Sciences - GIDP, Associate Professor, BIO5 Institute
Associate Dean, Student Affairs, Diversity & Inclusion, Faculty Director, Diversity and Inclusion, Distinguished Outreach Professor, Professor, Applied BioSciences - GIDP, Professor, Genetics - GIDP, Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Professor, Plant Sciences, Professor, BIO5 Institute
Assistant Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Assistant Professor, BIO5 Institute

We combine chemical and computer vision approaches to discover how regenerative tissues process environmental information to promote accurate cell fate decisions and prevent uncontrolled cell growth.