Systems ecology

Environmental Science-Res, Assistant Professor, Earth Microbiome, Assistant Professor, Natural Resources and the Environment , Member of the Graduate Faculty, Assistant Professor, BIO5 Institute
Assistant Professor, Ecosystem Genomics, Director, Biosphere 2 - Tropical Rain Forest, Assistant Professor, Genetics - GIDP, Assistant Professor, Global Change - GIDP, Assistant Professor, Hydrology / Atmospheric Sciences, Assistant Professor, BIO5 Institute

We aim to constrain the microbial drivers of soil-atmosphere trace gas fluxes across a range of scales. We constrain the genetic traits for trace gas metabolism and develop new tools for measuring genes and gases in heterogenous soil systems. New understanding is evaluated across a range of model to natural ecosystems where microbial trace gas cycling occurs in the context of environmental forcings and interactions. Lab website:

Assistant Professor, Ecosystem Genomics, Assistant Professor, Agricultural-Biosystems Engineering, Assistant Professor, Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences, Assistant Professor, Genetics - GIDP, Member of the Graduate Faculty, Assistant Professor, BIO5 Institute

We study the biodiversity, biogeography, evolutionary origins, and ecological roles of plant-associated microorganisms. We use a combination of traditional culture-based microbiology, functional assays, and next-generation 'omics tools to study microbial symbiont communities in diverse lineages of land plants at scales ranging from local to global. We are interested in characterizing the biotic and abiotic factors shaping the assembly of plant-associated fungal communities, how community structure and diversity impacts ecosystem function, and the evolutionary dynamics of fungal symbiont evolution in the context of closely related pathogens and saprotrophs.