Assistant Professor, BIO5 Institute, Assistant Professor, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Assistant Professor, BIO5 Institute, Assistant Professor, Genetics - GIDP, Assistant Professor, School of Plant Sciences, Assistant Professor, Soil / Subsurface Microbial Ecology
We investigate the myriad of ways microbes living in the wild (soil, water and air) affect Earth processes and our health.
Department Head, Agricultural-Biosystems Engineering, Specialist, Agricultural-Biosystems Engineering
Kathryn Farell-Poe's work focuses on developing extension environment education programs including: Composting: On-Farm, Backyard, and Municipal; Groundwater; Hazardous Chemicals in the Home - Use, Storage, and Disposal; Nonpoint Source Pollution; Recycling, Precycling; Safe Drinking Water; Onsite Wastewater/Septic Education
Chief, Science / Technology Officer, Professor, BIO5 Institute, Professor, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Professor, Environmental Science-Ext, Professor, Public Health
I am an Environmental Engineering with training in Toxicology and Chemistry. My primary field of expertise is identification, health assessment, and fate of environmental pollutants. I also work in the field of drug discovery from natural products. My team and I also develop novel analytical techniques for ultra-trace analysis, including on-line sensor systems.