BIO5 Building Resources

Thomas W. Keating Bioresearch Building

Laundry Service

We are partnering with Shaffer Dry Cleaning & Laundry to provide a lab coat laundry service to Keating building and University of Arizona researchers.


Lab Coat Wash Only - $7.21
Lab Coat Wash and Press - $7.99
Pocket Repair - starting at $8.00
Button Replacement - $3.00

*Service prices are subject to change

For New Labs

Contact Shaffer Dry Cleaning & Laundry at or call 520-318-2538 to establish your lab’s account and ask that your account be associated with BIO5 labs.

Also request two laundry collection bags labeled with your lab’s contact information.

Delivery Information

Shaffer Dry Cleaning & Laundry provides bags for collecting soiled lab coats, which will be returned with the clean laundry. The bags are available at the Keating building Receiving Room located at the Keating loading dock (SW corner of Helen and Cherry Streets).

  1. Write your name on the hem of your lab coats.
  2. Fill out the BIO5 Laundry Service Form
    - Select the service that you wish to have. The billing contact person (your Fiscal Officer) receives statements via email.
    - Print the form and put the form in your lab’s laundry bag.
  3. Bring the laundry bag and place it in the bin in the Receiving Room at the loading dock.
    - The Keating loading dock can be accessed M-F 8AM-5PM (it is locked at all other times). The Receiving Room is open and staffed M-F 8:30 AM-3PM. If you need access to the Receiving Room between the hours of 3PM and 5PM, you may enter using the access code: 2465.

Shaffer Dry Cleaning will pick up and deliver lab coats on Monday and Thursday afternoons. Lab coats picked up Monday will be returned Thursday and lab coats picked up on Thursday will be returned on Monday and on it goes. Lab coats will be returned on hangers.

Place Order


Shaffer Dry Cleaning & Laundry accepts PCards, Purchase Orders, or they will bill individual labs at the end of the month. The billing contact person indicated on your laundry request will receive billing statements from Shaffer Dry Cleaning via email.
- Each individual lab is treated as a sole and separate customer.
- A receipt with itemized charges will be returned with the cleaning.


Please direct any specific questions about the laundry service billing to or call 520-318-2538.