Euan Mcleod

Research Interests

Euan McLeod, Ph.D., works at the intersection of nanophotonics, soft materials science, and many-body systems. One of his current major research thrusts is to use optical tweezers combined with biomolecular functionalization to assemble nanostructured 3D devices out of colloidal nanoparticle building blocks. Euan also works on developing lensfree holographic microscopes that provide high resolution in across an ultra-large field of view in cost-effective and compact platforms. Euan is developing new methods to improve the resolution and sensitivity of these microscopes to sense ultrafine nanoparticles like aerosols and viruses. By combining these microscopes with microfluidic chambers, he is working to develop highly multiplexed biomedical sensors. All of these areas of experimental research are supported by extensive computational and theoretical efforts. Previously in his career, Euan has published extensive research in high-speed acoustic lensing, laser-materials processing at the nanoscale, and free-surface microfluidic instabilities.