TRIF-Leveraged UArizona COVID-19 Research and Innovation

Improving Health for Arizonans


TRIF-Leveraged COVID-19 Impact

The Technology and Research Initiative Fund (TRIF) that helped launch BIO5 in 2001 continues to catalyze effective, cross-disciplinary bioscience research and innovation at the University of Arizona. In the past 20 years, over $50M has been invested in building critical facilities and research services that UArizona researchers leverage to quickly and robustly respond to COVID-19. TRIF allows the flexibility to pivot and repurpose campus resources to engage in the complex fight against COVID -19, drawing on faculty expertise, campus facilities, logistical assets, research labs, and campus staff and leadership to provide immediate assistance in the battle against the pandemic.

BIO5 SEED Grants

With financial support from the Technology and Research Initiative Fund (TRIF), BIO5 solicited team proposals for rapid-turnaround seed grants to jump-start COVID-19 research in April 2020. Teams were evaluated on their abilities to rapidly pivot their research to address the pandemic, reliance on cross-disciplinary collaborations, and use of campus core facilities. Accepted projects address all aspects of the pandemic, including potential preventions and treatments.

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Cross-Disciplinary Research Teams

In rapid response to address the COVID-19 pandemic, 13 interdisciplinary teams representing BIO5 and seven UArizona colleges were awarded up to $60K seed grants to conduct COVID-related basic science, technology, clinical or population research. Projects will address the pandemic from various angles, including public health, virology and drug discovery. 



For campus-wide announcements, news, and updates related to COVID-19, visit the University of Arizona’s official Coronavirus webpage. Please click here for research-specific COVID-19 information.