Improving Health


What Do You Care About?

Finding cures for cancer, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, COVID-19 and other devastating illnesses? Ending hunger around the world? Tackling obesity in America through more nutritious foods? Better educating our young people so they can take the reins of scientific innovation in the future?

BIO5 scientists and educators are making huge strides in improving health and life in the 21st century. To continue this work, diverse funding is needed- including philanthropic investments from individuals and foundations that share this vision for a better future. We love to share the important work being done here with visitors.

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Inspiring Future Scientists

BIO5 is committed to educating and inspiring the next generation of scientists and innovators. Through our outreach programs, we strive to impact teachers and students from around the state. The KEYS (Keep Engaging Youth in Science) summer internship program provides high school students with laboratory experience and the unique ability to work side-by-side with world-class scientists on research projects. Your gift helps inspire the scientists of tomorrow

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Aging and Brain Research

Every year, millions of Americans are diagnosed with neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, multiple sclerosis, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Researchers at the BIO5 Institute are making tremendous strides in understanding these disorders, with a goal of eradicating them completely. Your gift supports research that will make this possible.

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Technology Enabled Health

From skin patches that can monitor stress levels, to jewelry that can warn against falls and other physiological dysfunctions that are precursors to disease, to data collection that assists in medication adherence, BIO5 researchers are working to capitalize on the power of biosensors and wearable technology to optimize human health and performance. Your gift supports research and development critical to improving health for Arizona and beyond.

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Understanding and Defeating Disease

The BIO5 Institute is the catalyst for cutting edge, collaborative research across disciplines that will allow us to better prevent, treat, and cure diseases that drastically impact humanity. Understanding and defeating devastating diseases like cancer, asthma, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes takes teams of scientists thinking about challenges in new ways. Your gift helps accelerate the pace of novel research and the development of effective diagnostics and therapies.

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Patient-Specific Disease Prevention and Treatment

Researchers at the BIO5 Institute are developing more advanced tools to detect genetic mutations, refine genetic understanding among diverse populations, and improve diagnostics that can adapt to an individual's health profile. With your support, we will continue to advance patient-based research through precision health and medicine.

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Early Diagnosis of Disease

Invasive diagnostic procedures can be dangerous, and at the very least, uncomfortable for patients. Researchers at BIO5 are leaders in the development of new, non-invasive imaging tools for earlier diagnosis and treatment of disease. Your gift helps us continue to develop advanced diagnostic imaging technology that will provide better markers to measure health versus disease.

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Using Data to Improve Health Outcomes

Bioinformatics is integral to the success of precision health and medicine, as the need for strong computational analysis underpins other BIO5 research emphasis areas such as bioimaging, wearable technology, and ecosystem genomics. Large-scale computational aggregation reveals data patterns across platforms and enables analysis not possible on a smaller scale. With your support, BIO5 researchers will advance our ability to collect, extract, and deploy actionable knowledge and discovery from meaningful data to reduce health care burden by focusing on prevention instead of treatment.