Improving Health



Grand Challenges

We are focused on solving problems. How do we prevent, treat, and cure diseases? How do we address the many environmental issues we face? What knowledge can be generated to promote healthy and sustainable ecosystems? How do we ensure water and food safety, and provide sustenance for an ever-growing world population?


Collaborative Environment

Interaction and flexibility were two key inspirations in the design of the spectacular BIO5 facility in the 177,000 square foot Thomas W. Keating Bioresearch Building. Open labs, moveable equipment, and plenty of indoor/outdoor meeting spaces encourage collaboration and team-science thinking among the 350+ faculty, research staff, and students who come together here from all over the University of Arizona.


Power of BIO5

The BIO5 Institute harnesses the collaborative power of our five core disciplines—agriculture, engineering, medicine, pharmacy, and science—and pairs them with cutting-edge technology to enable novel solutions to health and environmental challenges affecting humanity. Hundreds of researchers from colleges and departments across the University of Arizona work together to advance the pace of scientific discovery and develop and commercialize new devices, diagnostics, and treatments.

What do you care about?

Changing the World with Your Help

Finding cures for cancer, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, COVID-19 and other devastating illnesses? Ending hunger around the world? Tackling obesity in America through more nutritious foods? Better educating our young people so they can take the reins of scientific innovation in the future?

BIO5 scientists and educators are making huge strides in improving health and life in the 21st century. To continue this work, diverse funding is needed- including philanthropic investments from individuals and foundations that share this vision for a better future. We love to share the important work being done here with visitors.