Breast cancer
Department Chair, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Distinguished Professor, Public Health, Professor, Anthropology, Professor, BIO5 Institute, Professor, Public Health, Professor, Statistics-GIDP
Clinical Instructor, Pharmacy Practice-Science, Member of the Graduate Faculty, Professor, BIO5 Institute, Professor, Cancer Biology - GIDP, Professor, Medicine, Professor, Nutritional Sciences, Professor, Physiological Sciences - GIDP
Janet Funk's work includes a focus on metastatic breast cancer that spans the research spectrum from bench to bedside, translational arthritis studies of the pharmacokinetics and safety of turmeric, and collaborative endocrinological studies evaluating the effects of obesity and insulin resistance on bone development in Hispanic girls, as well as effects of obesity on breast cancer risk in older women.
Director, Canyon Ranch Center for Prevention and Health Promotion, Distinguished Professor, Professor, BIO5 Institute, Professor, Clinical Translational Sciences, Professor, Medicine, Professor, Nutritional Sciences Graduate Program, Professor, Public Health