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KEYS Research Internship

A group of students play a game at a tableBIO5's flagship KEYS Research Internship is a unique seven-week summer opportunity for motivated Arizona high school students with a strong interest in bioscience, bioengineering, environmental health, data science or biostatistics to work with top UArizona faculty on research projects.
After initially training in a variety of bioscience and data science techniques as well as the foundations of science literacy, interns participate in innovative research projects under the guidance of UArizona faculty and other lab members, including current university students. 
Past interns have assisted in creating better ways to detect and treat diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer, asthma, and diabetes; exploring the effect of contaminated water sources on populations and the environment; studying plants and animals to determine their impact on ecosystems; and analyzing the role genes play in individual human health. At the close of the program, KEYS interns present what they’ve learned and experienced to friends, family, and the academic community at a public research showcase.
Since 2007, 526 students have completed the KEYS internship program. Approximately 64% of participants are women, and 60% are under-served. 64% of KEYS alumni chose to stay in Arizona for college, with the majority of those attending UA.

“This program provided me with the opportunity to experience real science. So often in high school science courses boil down lab work into a 50-minute cookie cutter example of what the scientific method should be. KEYS allowed real hands on involvement with science where I could test my own hypothesis, use real tools of the trade, and experience the real life of a researcher. I am forever grateful for the opportunity I had in KEYS.”
-KEYS Alumni 2013

“I believe having students in our labs offers a chance for them to get hands-on experience in a running lab doing science (they get to experience the joy, frustration, and boredom—all of which are part of science) and they get to be part of a team (the lab) which is truly one of the best parts of science!”

For more information or to apply for the KEYS Research Internship visit keys.arizona.edu/apply or contact Kelle Hyland.

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