BIO5 Ambassadors Internship

BIO5 Ambassadors Internship

The BIO5 Ambassador Internship is a unique two semester opportunity offered by the BIO5 Institute that will allow undergraduate students to earn 2 internship credits through the A Center Internships (TLS 393/493)*.

The program will focus on professional development skills such as public speaking, marketing, networking, and business etiquette. It will also allow students to learn more about the collaboration of business and research.

Applicant Requirements

- All majors are welcome to apply
- Must be able to take 300/400 level classes (advanced standing)
- Must be able to commit time for two semesters, consisting of 12 weeks per semester, 3-4 hours a week
- Must be willing to shadow a BIO5 staff member in an educational manner
- GPA of a 3.0 or higher is recommended
- CANNOT be currently employed by the University (per DCC/UA policy)

BIO5 Ambassador Interns Will

- Attend weekly professional development workshops (around 9 per semester)
- Work with a mentor of their choice for a minimum of a semester
- Experience BIO5 sponsored events
- Become fully trained to administer tours of the BIO5 Institute


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*Regular tuition & fees apply


  • Anish Raju

    Anish Raju



  • Headshot of Jennifer Scott

    Jennifer Scott


    Pre-Public Health, Business Adminstration

  • Headshot of Jorey Cohen

    Jorey Cohen

    Neuroscience & Cognitive Science, Molecular & Cellular Biology


  • Elena Rodriguez

    Events Coordinator

    Headshot of Elena Rodriguez
  • Kelle Hyland

    Program Coordinator

    Headshot of Kelle Hyland
  • Brooke Moreno

    Program Coordinator

    Headshot of Brooke Moreno
  • Brittany Uhlorn

    Coordinator of Marketing and Communications

    Headshot of Brittany Uhlorn


  • Amy Randall-Barber

    Staff Supervisor
    Marketing Manager

    Headshot of Amy RB
  • Lily Andress

    Student Co-Facilitator

    Lily Andress Headshot
  • Jordan Pilch

    Student Co-Facilitator

    headshot of Jordan Pilch