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New ABOR Regents’ Research Grant Seeks To reduce Cancer Risk In Arizona’s Firefighters; Additional Grants Address Groundwater Supply, Forest Health

Firefighter truck in front of mountain background
Arizona Board of Regents
Through a recently approved Regents’ Research Grant, UArizona will lead a study, in partnership with the Arizona Fire Chiefs Association and Arizona State University, to target enrolling 1,500 Arizona firefighters to test the effectiveness of whether blood or plasma donations lower cancer-causing “forever chemicals” levels.

Morning Blue Light Treatment Improves Sleep In Patients With PTSD

A woman sitting next to a device with blue light being emitted.
UArizona Health Sciences
The results of a recent study from UArizona Health Sciences researchers suggest that blue-wavelength light therapy may be useful for improving sleep and reducing PTSD symptoms while increasing the efficacy of treatments in individuals with clinically significant levels of PTSD.

Episode 332: Investigating How Genetic And Environmental Factors Combine To Develop Complex Diseases


UArizona medical researcher Dr. Darren Cusanovich is examining how our genes program cellular diversity. His lab focuses on how our interaction with the environment affects genetic input which creates disorders like asthma, which affects 25-million Americans.

New UArizona Initiative To Help Communities Harness The Power of Food As Medicine

2 people cooking in a kitchen. One with a lab coat that has the Arizona "A."
UArizona News
A new initiative at UArizona will work to reduce the burden of diet-sensitive disease in vulnerable Arizona communities using culinary medicine — an emerging field that blends the art of cooking with the science of medicine and nutrition to use food to prevent and help manage chronic diseases like diabetes.

Dr. Herbst-Kralovetz Receives Reproductive Immunology Award

Dr. Herbst-Kralovetz using a swab in the lab.
UArizona Health Sciences Connect
Dr. Melissa Herbst-Kralovetz an associate professor at the UArizona College of Medicine - Phoenix received the J. Christian Herr Award from the American Society for Reproductive Immunology (ASRI) for her work in technology transfer that will positively impact women.