Infectious Disease

Immunity Debt And A Cycle of Sickness

Man wearing a mask.
A CDC report shows the flu is sending more people to the hospital this year than it has in a decade. The number of children being hospitalized with bugs is particularly alarming. And now, there’s a new COVID-19 subvariant making the rounds. When it comes to the surge in sickness, many health experts believe the culprit is something called “immunity debt,” and we’re struggling to pay up.

Kids Are Getting Hit Hard By Respiratory Viruses. Here's What Scientists Know — And What They Don't

Child wearing a face mask.
UArizona Immunologist Dr. Deepta Bhattacharya weighs in on why kids are getting hit hard by respiratory viruses. Dr. Bhattacharya & experts around the globe share what scientists know about the resurgence of childhood respiratory viruses- and what they don't.