Unique Partnerships

The mission of BIO5 is based on the concept of collaboration and teamwork. We partner with groups across campus and across Southern Arizona to advance science, science translation, science education, and science literacy. The goal is to explore the connection between our daily lives and advances in science, as well as share the ground-breaking research being done right here at the UA.

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Science City at The Tucson Festival of Books

In 2009, the BIO5 Institute pioneered the idea of a simple "science pavilion" concept to be held during the newly formed community event the Tucson Festival of Books. Due to a shared mission of science outreach and community engagement, over the next several years the College of Science joined BIO5 in expanding the original project scope to a series of booths and increased campus involvement, calling the joint effort "Science City."

Today, the Science City executive committee is the catalyst for bringing together a group of more than 1,200 volunteers from across the UA and the Southern Arizona community for the purpose of leading and organizing what is now considered the largest annual experiential STEM learning experience in the state of Arizona. The Tucson Festival of Books has become the third largest book festival in the country, and the only one with a focus on science.

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BIOSA is a non-profit trade group that supports the creation, operation, and expansion of life science enterprises and the commercialization of university research institute-based technologies in Southern Arizona.

BIOSA partners with BIO5 to host two annual events, the Student Industry Networking Event (SINE) and the Faculty Industry Networking Event (FINE) at the UA. SINE brings together industry and UA students to explore our local life science community and opportunities for potential internships and careers in southern Arizona. FINE brings together industry and UA researchers to network and build research and commercialization partnerships.

TLA - Gregorio Lab

Tech Launch Arizona (TLA)

TLA has gained national attention for its role in commercializing UArizona-created knowledge. The organization strives to bring together the UArizona community with the necessary ecosystems to bring home-grown inventions to the public. 

Several BIO5 researchers have successfully worked with TLA to protect their ideas and commercialize their inventions. By helping researchers patent their intellectual property and license those patents to either established companies or UArizona startups, TLA helps our brightest inventors bring their meaningful inventions to the public.

AZ Tech and Discover BIO5

Arizona Technology Council

The Arizona Technology Council connects, empowers, and engages Arizona technology companies to educate and inspire innovation. They achieve these goals through educational seminars, business legislative lobbying and networking events.

The Arizona Technology Council has partnered with the BIO5 Institute to host events, including the Tucson after5 Tech Mixer and Arizona Photonics Day.

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Arizona Bioindustry Association (AZBio)

AZBio works with members across the state of Arizona to support the bioscience industry. By providing access to key resources, connection and information, AZBio supplies the foundation on which bioscience leaders can connect, collaborate, innovate and succeed. 

Together, BIO5 and AZBio support the industry in addressing various challenges such as treating diseases, developing green energy and creating new technologies to feed the growing world. Our students and faculty have been recognized by the organization for their outstanding achievements, receiving several AZBio awards over the years. 

Science City

AZ SciTech Institute

Part of the Arizona Technology Council, the AZ SciTech Institute helps connect and support Arizona's STEM leaders by attracting grants, resources and support. They aim to increase awareness and understanding of STEM-related community knowledge, promote informal STEM education and build a pipeline of STEM-literate workers.

The AZ SciTech Institute has partnered with BIO5 on several STEM events, including Science City at the Tucson Festival of Books.