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Promoting Science Literacy

BIO5 is committed to encouraging a continuum of learning for future and current students, as well as engaging our community in science literacy. Outreach is part of our DNA, and we inspire students through innovative workshops and programs and welcome the community through tours and events.



The BIOTECH Project provides technical support for Arizona teachers to conduct molecular genetics experiments with their students. The project has been successful in raising students' interest and awareness in DNA science by helping teachers engage their students in a hands-on approach to biotechnology.

The BIO5 Institute is a sponsor of this program. 

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Science City at The Tucson Festival of Books

In 2009, the BIO5 Institute pioneered the idea of a simple "science pavilion" concept to be held during the newly formed community event the Tucson Festival of Books. Due to a shared mission of science outreach and community engagement, over the next several years the College of Science joined BIO5 in expanding the original project scope to a series of booths and increased campus involvement, calling the joint effort "Science City."

Today, the Science City executive committee is the catalyst for bringing together a group of more than 1,200 volunteers from across the UA and the Southern Arizona community for the purpose of leading and organizing what is now considered the largest annual experiential STEM learning experience in the state of Arizona. The Tucson Festival of Books has become the third largest book festival in the country, and the only one with a focus on science.

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KEYS Research Internship Program

BIO5's flagship KEYS Research Internship is a unique seven-week summer opportunity for motivated Arizona high school students with a strong interest in bioscience, bioengineering, environmental health, or biostatistics to work side-by-side with top faculty in University of Arizona research labs.

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Software/Data Carpentry Workshop

BIO5 hosts an ongoing workshop series for graduate students, postdocs, faculty, and staff focused on teaching them the scientific computing skills necessary to be productive in today’s complex research environments.


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We welcome visitors to the beautiful Thomas W. Keating Bioresearch and Bioscience Research Lab Buildings. Scheduled guests can visit active laboratories and speak with researchers about their interdisciplinary approach to advancing science and improving health and life in the 21st century. Tours are tailored to topics that sync with the research interests of our guests. Guided tours are available Monday through Friday between 9AM and 4PM by request.


Discover BIO5

Discover BIO5 is a celebration of science providing a “public sneak peek” into our world-class research and discovery endeavors focused on solving the world’s grand challenges, improving society, and impacting Arizona.

With self-paced lab tours, hands-on discover stations, KEYS alumni poster presentations, inspiring discussions, and much more, Discover BIO5 enables the public to learn how research grows into meaningful innovation. Attendees meet BIO5 researchers in their labs throughout the tri-building research complex that includes the Thomas W. Keating Bioresearch Building, the new Bioscience Research Laboratories, and the Medical Research Building.


BIO5 Inspiring Women in STEM

The BIO5 Inspiring Women in STEM annual event features an interactive panel of inspiring women from cross-disciplinary STEM fields to share their unique journeys. The panelists are representative of different career stages to offer the broadest perspective possible. Following the panel discussion, a one-on-one networking session with panelists providing attendees with an opportunity to gain further insight. This event is open to local community members, high school students, and the UA community at large, and is designed to inspire women in their pursuit of a STEM education and/or career.

Please watch our video on the history of this event.


BIO5 Ambassadors

The BIO5 Ambassadors Internship is a unique, two-semester internship opportunity that provides students from all majors with opportunities to learn about the collaboration between business and science through projects of interest and professional development workshops led by BIO5 staff. 

BIO5 Ambassador interns:

- Attend weekly professional development workshops (around 9 per semester)
- Work with a mentor of their choice for a minimum of a semester
- Experience BIO5 sponsored events
- Become fully trained to administer tours of the BIO5 Institute



Tucson Plant Breeding Institute

The Tucson Plant Breeding Institute (TPBI) offers state-of-the-art instruction and training in modern plant breeding tools such as statistics, molecular breeding, and computation. By offering modules on different topics, the Institute allows a breeder to choose courses that best fit their specific needs. The mission of the institute is to transfer current technologies to a wide audience of users, be they commercial breeders or academics interested in plant science improvement.