Commercial Impact

Commercial Impact

BIO5 scientists work with the UA's Tech Launch Arizona to commercialize discoveries and facilitate connections and collaborations among life scientists, companies, industry, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and economic development organizations. BIO5-affiliated researchers have fostered 55 spinoff companies in the last decade, resulting in new technologies, diagnostics, and treatments.



AdiCyte offers high quality cryopreservation of adipose tissue and stem cells for patients in cosmetics, augmentation, regenerative medicine, and tissue engineering. By banking adipose tissue following surgical procedures, patients can save a biological resource for emerging treatments and procedures.

Advanced Solutions Life Sciences

Advanced Solutions Life Sciences (ASLS) is a subsidiary of 30-year old Advanced Solutions, Inc. (ASI), with over 150 employees and 14 offices in the United States, and is headquartered within a 15,000 square foot facility in Louisville, Kentucky. ASLS exists to support the medical research community through advanced technology and continual innovation.

Akhu Therapeutics, Inc.

Akhu Therapeutics, Inc is a life sciences company that is committed to discovering, developing, and commercializing novel medicines to transform the lives of people and companion animals with life-altering central nervous system (CNS) disorders. They use a focused, practical, and deliberate approach to drug development when pursuing expedited pathways in their efforts to deliver new treatments.


Angiomics is a biotechnology start-up specializing in the production of vascularized human tissue, including microvasculature tissue. The fully vascularized 3-D tissue provides an ideal platform for both drug discoveries and testing through phenotypic screening, enabling faster and more efficient discoveries of new compounds.

Anivive Lifesciences, Inc

Anivive hopes to start a new era in pet medicine by changing the way therapeutics and vaccines are developed for companion animals. They work to provide new solutions for unmet and underserved medical needs, such as lymphoma cancer or valley fever, by intersecting technology and animal health.

Aqualung Therapeutics Corporation

Aqualung Therapeutics (Aqualung Therapeutics Corporation) consists of a coalition of academic leaders, entrepreneurs, and translational scientists with expertise in precision medicine, exploring NAMPT as a key target and novel diagnostic in acute and chronic lung inflammatory disorders.

Auxilium Technology Group, LLC

Auxilium Technology Group, LLC, brings to market products that maximize the valuable metals recovered from mined ore while minimizing negative environmental impacts and costs. They assist mining companies with technology transfers and provide project development support, as well as offer expert analyses to achieve maximum benefits. 

Avery Therapeutics, Inc.

Avery Therapeutics is a start-up company dedicated to advancing tissue-engineered therapeutics to treat diseases and injuries to human muscle. Their lead product, MyCardia™, is a tissue engineered heart graft developed to treat heart failure and is currently in the pre-clinical developmental phase. This technology is positioned to be the world’s first off-the-shelf allogenic tissue-engineered product for treating heart failure.

Biousian Biosystems, Inc.

Biousian Biosystems (BBI) is committed to improving the lives of patients living in chronic pain or struggling conditions which lead to chronic pain. Using its CarboSyn® technology platform, BBI builds drugs that have unique selectivity and potency for targets called G-protein coupled receptor or “GPCRs”. The company has specific strengths in related medicinal chemistries and pharmacology.


bioVidria, Inc. is a research-based company focused on newly invented materials for protein analysis to serve the pharmaceutical, biomedical, and biotechnology markets. The core technology of the company is high purity silica with specialized coatings to direct each application.

Cancer Cures Worldwide, LLC

Cancer Cures Worldwide, LLC, develops novel cancer treatment protocols that utilize low-dose chemotherapy and a stem cell fusion model of carcinogenesis. 

Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals

Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is developing novel therapeutic agents that make possible the treatment of risk factors for cancer. Their clinical focus is in familial adenomatous polyposis and the prevention of recurrence in colon cancer survivors, neuroblastoma, and other cancers.

Cylene Pharmaceuticals

Cylene Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a small oncology drug discovery and development company. CP discovers, develops and commercializes small molecule drugs that target nucleolus and kill cancer cells.

Desert Tech Investors, LLC

Desert Tech Investors, LLC, RapidBio Systems’ parent, was formed by these three groups to fund University of Arizona research projects in the form of grants to University researchers with commercializable projects needing only modest amounts of funding before they were ready to leave the research lab. RapidBio Systems has developed a unique method for the rapid detection of food borne pathogens. The patented field portable technology economically detects organisms such as E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and many others in less than 10 minutes.

DesertDx, LLC

DesertDx is a molecular diagnostic company using advanced bioinformatics and clinical research to provide physicians with novel tests and services towards improved diagnosis, management, and treatment for unmet medical needs in current cancer testing and detection.

ElectroSonix, LLC

ElectroSonix, LLC, is a medical device company that brings acoustoelectric, image-guided ultrasound therapy to market. By imaging real-time electrical currents in the body with their technologies, the company aims to improve diagnostic imaging and guided treatments for the heart and brain.

EPVSensors, LLC

EVPSenors is developing sensing technology for non-invasive measurement of intraocular pressure (IOP). Elevated IOP is associated with glaucoma, an eye disease that if left untreated can lead to blindness.

Extreme Cer Nano, LLC

Extreme Cer Nano, LLC, is an organization developing a high-temperature graphene-based ceramic material for extreme environments. Its invention is the culmination of a collaboration between Advanced Ceramics Manufacturing LLC, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Fibronox, LLC

Fibronox, LLC, was founded to develop a small molecule inhibitor to treat life threatening scarring and licence the technology to bring it to the public. Their research has led to the first highly selective Nox4 small molecule inhibitors for the treatment of fibrotic diseases through reduction of oxidative stress. Such fibrotic disorders - the progressive buildup of scar tissue - can occur throughout the body and are typically chronic and possibly fatal.

GAAS Analytical

GAAS Corporation is a research and professional services company in the field of bioscience and natural products. GAAS Analytical offers expertise and experience to the dietary supplement and biotechnology industry, including research institutes and universities, small and medium biotechnology firms, raw material suppliers, finished product manufacturers, and legal professionals.


GenVault provides sample management solutions for disease diagnosis, research, identification, and criminal investigations. The company developed the GenTegra DNA technology for stabilizing DNA biosamples with antimicrobial activity for dry, room temperature transport and biobanking.


GUSA technology is based on the low-cost manufacture of DNA microarrays.

Horizon Biotechnologies, LLC

Horizon Biotechnologies is a pharmaceutical company commercializing a phase II cancer drug called amuvatinib. Amuvatinib is an aurora kinase inhibitor best used in combination with chemotherapy.


i-calQ has developed the world’s first smartphone-based point-of-care integrated mobile diagnosis and decision support system. Using a drop of blood or saliva, a test can be performed and the results interpreted anywhere and anytime. This technology does not require costly equipment or laboratory personnel. Accurate results, clinical interpretation, and recommendations for additional workup or treatment are delivered within minutes at a fraction of the cost of a comparable laboratory test and physician evaluation.

Iluminos Therapeutics, LLC

Iluminous Therapeutics operates in the Biological Laboratory industry within the Health Services sector. The company recently licensed compounds created at the University of Arizona that have the potential to treat neurodegenerative disease, in particular Alzheimer's Disease.


Luceome offers a rapid method of screening kinase inhibitor drugs for cancer treatment. Luceome enables drug discovery by leveraging their assay technology for identification of drugs against kenases.


LUM.AI focuses on mitigating the innovation slowdown caused by information overload. The company applies natural language processing (NLP) technology to augment R&D investments by distilling libraries of unstructured text and revealing mechanisms that matter.

MCR Therapeutics, LLC

MCR Therapeutics have developed targeted peptides through their research into drug design and bioactivity expression relating to hormone activity in the brain and periphery. The peptides, which are specific for certain melanocortin receptors, represent a leap forward in novel options for skin cancer prevention, detection, and treatment as well as treatment of pigment disorders.


Montigen was acquired by SuperGen and no longer exists in name. Montigen uses its drug screening method to discover and create promising anti-cancer compounds. Candidate drugs inhibit aurora-A kinase, a gene amplified in most human cancer cells, and small molecules that target tyrosine-kinase receptors that play critical roles in transducing growth signals to cancer cells.

Pierce Allen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Pierce Allen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is a pioneer in the commercialization of novel bio-based medical therapies for human mental health.

Procyon Technologies, LLC

Procyon Technologies, LLC, operates in search for treatment of the chronic condition, type 1 diabetes. Their research has led to the development of a tiny implantable device that senses glucose levels and has the ability to release insulin when needed. The device uses a medical innovation known as islet transplantation. It is now in preparation for clinical trials in humans.

Promutech Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Promutech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a company manufacturing, fabricating, and processing drugs in pharmaceutical preparations for human or veterinary use. They are working on a FLT3 inhibitor technology.

ProNeurogen, Inc.

ProNeurogen Inc. aims to develop drug therapies for preventing and treating cognitive impairment and pain-caused inflammation. Specifically, projects focus on harnessing the natural power of peptides to treat to neuronal dysfunction, cognitive impairment, and memory loss.

Q Therapeutics

Q Therapeutics has adopted a unique approach to developing human cell-based therapies for debilitating – and currently incurable – diseases of the brain, spinal cord and the central nervous system. Their revolutionary approach focuses on glial cells – non-neuronal cells in the CNS that are essential for supporting, repairing, and maintaining normal neuron function and health.


Queregen provides patented expression vectors and services for protein production.


RediRipe LLC develops ethylene detecting stickers for use in evaluating the ripeness of climacteric fruits and vegetables. Examples include apples, peaches, pears, and some varieties of melons. The devices change from a pale yellow to a dark blue when the fruit has a high rate of ethylene release indicative of a late stage of maturation.

Regenerative Solutions, LLC

Regenerative Solutions, LLC, is a contract research organization that provides highly specialized preclinical testing services for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies with drug development platforms in pulmonary fibrosis.


Reglagene is focused on cancer therapeutics, and the commercialization of the DNA Quadruplex discoveries from the labs of Dr. Laurence Hurley. Their invention is a small molecule that reduces hTERT, which is highly activated in cancer cells.


Regulonix was founded to address the growing opioid epidemic. Their science approaches the issue of treating pain in an entirely new way that is targeted and highly selective, resulting in non-addictive solutions.

SaiOx, Inc.

SaiOx, Inc., brings the benefits of heliox - a breathing gas mixture of helium and oxygen - to those experiencing difficulty breathing through a small, portable respiratory assist device. Though it was originally designed for at-home use by asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients, their device has been of particular benefit to COVID-19 patients.

Scintillation Nanotechnologies, LLC

Scintillation Nanotechnologies, LLC, is a company focusing on the development and manufacturing of composite nanomaterials for detecting radioisotopes in biochemical research and drug discovery applications. They currently have four products for direct sales to customers yet they continue to develop new technologies based on customer demands.

Sonora Bioconsulting, LLC

Sonora Bioconsulting integrates business development, intellectual asset management, and technology transfer for the life science industry to protect, grow, and leverage early stage assets to build and establish startups or increase value in existing companies.

Sonora Transplants

Sonora Transplants developed disease resistant rootstocks for greenhouse/controlled environment crop production. Goals include developing a way of growing vaccines inside of tomatoes as part of a foray into agro-pharmaceuticals.

Synactix Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Synactix Pharmaceuticals, Inc is a biotechnology company focused on developing therapies for the treatment of human disease using precision medicine. Projects are centered around “single-agent polypharmacology” where a single-agent is engineered to shut down multiple facets of human disease.

Teleost Biopharmaceutical, Inc.

Teleost Biopharmaceuticals helps people protect themselves from sun damage by stimulating melanin production in the body by a method not triggered by the sun’s UV rays. The product will virtually eliminate the need for spray tans and tanning booths that increase cancer risk.

Teleport Pharmaceuticals

Teleport Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to novel peptide neurotransmitter based drug design for future therapeutics. They are the nexus of the groundbreaking research of three University of Arizona professors (Polt, Heien, and Streicher).

TetraGene, LLC

TetraGene is a platform technology company focused on developing therapeutics based on DNA channel technology. Their approach is utilizing a variety of therapeutic systems; including small molecules and structured nucleic acids (DNA and RNA).


Theregen, Inc. is a regenerative medicine company based in San Francisco, California, USA, that develops cell-based therapies for patients with cardiovascular and vascular disease. The company is conducting a Phase I human clinical safety trial at two US sites for its lead product, AngineraTM, a cell-based epicardial patch therapy. Anginera is designed to promote blood vessel growth in damaged cardiac tissue, stimulate wound healing and, potentially, to restore cardiac function in patients with heart failure.

Topical Technologies

Topical Technologies develops new topical agents for the prevention of skin cancer.

Valley Fever Solutions

Valley Fever Solutions, Inc. (VFS) is moving Nikkomycin Z (NikZ) to the market as a therapy and potential cure for Valley Fever. VFS is studying pharmaceutical compounds and improved methods of diagnosing cocci and vaccine candidates intended for the prevention of valley fever.

Yumanity Therapeutics, LLC

Yumanity is dedicated to protecting the vitality of the mind. They are working to identify and develop new, disease-modifying therapies for Alzhiemer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).