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For Researchers

The BIO5 Institute supports faculty representing the core disciplines of agriculture, engineering, medicine, pharmacy, science, and beyond to solve the world’s most complex biology-based challenges. We are always seeking University of Arizona faculty to join us!

Membership at the BIO5 Institute is a non-salaried, non-tenure eligible, faculty joint appointment with a focus on connecting like-minded innovators to solve today’s most pressing biology-based problems.

BIO5 membership seeks to accelerate discovery through:

  • Collaborative space
  • Priority use of scientific equipment
  • Data software services
  • Exclusive interdisciplinary grants
  • Intellectual property and technology transfer assistance
  • Event planning assistance

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BIO5 Member Resources

Labs & Facilities

The Keating Bioresearch Building and Biosciences Research Laboratories (BSRL) Building are state-of-the-art facilities that support collaborative office and meeting space ideal for today’s innovators. Check out what they have to offer you!

Research Services & Tools

We strive to support the equipment needs of scientists with diverse research services, including clinical services, device prototyping, drug discovery, genomics, microbiological media, and more.

Data Software Services

For data science, statistical and software needs, we provide researchers with access to services and skilled experts at the BIO5 Institute. See what we have to offer our BIO5 members, as well as external UArizona users.


To jumpstart interdisciplinary research efforts, we provide several avenues of funding and grants for our BIO5 members. Starting in 2023, we recognize a BIO5 member who exemplifies interdisciplinary biosciences research excellence and the spirit of mentorship.

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Keating Family BIO5 Professor

Events & Communication Assistance

To deliver information about the interdisciplinary and innovative research at the BIO5 Institute, our staff specializes in providing event assistance, writing stories, graphic creation, and delivering information to the right audiences. Contact to see how we can assist you.

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At BIO5, we’re working on bold solutions for a better tomorrow. University of Arizona faculty in the disciplines of agriculture, biosciences, engineering, medicine, pharmacy and beyond are invited to become members of the BIO5 Institute to connect with like-minded innovators who can advance research efforts.

BIO5 Membership