What is BIO5?

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What is the BIO5 Institute?

The BIO5 Institute at the University of Arizona brings together world-class researchers and innovators from five core disciplines — agriculture, engineering, medicine, pharmacy and science — to collaborate for the purpose of solving today’s most complex and critical problems, including:

  • How to prevent, treat and ultimately cure diseases that affect millions of people worldwide
  • How to address the growing environmental concerns threatening our planet
  • How to ensure food security and nourish an expanding global population

By uniting these fields, BIO5 is uniquely positioned to develop bold solutions to the world’s pressing biology-based challenges. We connect and mobilize a network of hundreds of renowned researchers, from plant, animal and human bioscientists to engineers, physicians and computational experts. Our faculty spans across 59 colleges and 166 departments. Together, we develop creative solutions for complex challenges and problems facing Arizona and beyond.

Thanks to this interdisciplinary approach, BIO5 collaborators have achieved tremendous results since the institute’s founding in 2001, including improved food crops, revolutionary medical devices, groundbreaking disease prevention strategies and promising therapies for deadly diseases.

BIO5 thoughtfully selects projects and initiatives that leverage the deep expertise of the Arizona faculty to address local and national challenges, enabling us to broaden our impact, open avenues for economic growth and increase external funding opportunities.


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Improving Health

BIO5 brings together renowned scientists and innovators to solve the world’s greatest health challenges. We are hyper-focused on tackling complex problems affecting Arizona and beyond through the development and commercialization of groundbreaking devices, diagnostics and treatments.

Our Work in Health


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Engaging Students

BIO5 is deeply invested in equipping the next generation of researchers with the skills they need to change the world. We offer innovative internship programs, host annual networking events and hire student staff throughout the institute where they gain real-world experience that will set them on the path to a promising professional career. 

Our Student Programs

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Impacting Arizona

While committed to research that has global benefits, BIO5 remains dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Arizona’s people, land, workforce and economy. We cultivate connections among the brightest minds in our state’s science, industry, government, nonprofit and business sectors.

our Work in Arizona

BIO5 Institute Goals

foster collaborative projects

Addressing major challenges in the biosciences, biomedicine, and biotechnology and forge significant progress on novel treatments for asthma, cancer, valley fever, diabetes, sudden cardiac death, malnutrition, infectious disease, and Alzheimer’s and other age-related brain diseases.

strengthen and expand translational research

Recruiting the best and brightest faculty to Arizona and supporting projects that will advance the development of new medicines, devices, diagnostics, and nutritional and therapeutic strategies.

engage and train our future generation of scientist

Maintaining successful outreach and internship programs to promote experiential learning and STEM proficiency in the state.

promote an entrepreneurial culture

 In which scientists work across disciplines to accelerate commercial translation of research breakthroughs.

expand shared resources

In computational biology, imaging, high throughput screening, genomics, proteomics and cell analysis across all life science disciplines to expedite large-scale, team science grants that will boost federal research funding, serve as a resource for local industry, and create new services and companies in Arizona.


Change the World with Us

Interdisciplinary collaboration is the key to solving today’s most pressing problems. Join us on our quest for a healthier, more sustainable future. Together, we can change the world.

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