Professional Development & Training

a group of people in a professional development workshop

Professional Development & Training

From students to expert scientists, the BIO5 Institute supports our innovators at all stages of their career. We engage high school students, expose undergraduate students to the BIO5 Institute mission, support early-career researchers, and recognize faculty who exemplify interdisciplinary biosciences research excellence and the spirit of mentorship.

KEYS Research Internship

Our one-of-a-kind seven-week summer internship program for high schoolers interested in the biosciences invites students to work alongside top Arizona researchers on initiatives addressing real-world problems.

BIO5 Postdoctoral Fellowship

Our postdoctoral fellowships are small grants meant to enhance the independent research goals of postdoctoral researchers working with BIO5 members.

Keating Family BIO5 Professor

The Keating Family Endowed Professor for Interdisciplinary Research at the BIO5 Institute is given to a BIO5 member who exemplifies the characteristics of interdisciplinary biosciences research excellence, collegiality, spirit of mentorship and engagement, and strong communication skills.

Student Resources

We want to support students through programs that have them work closely with world-class researchers at the BIO5 Institute.