an up close shot of a laser


The limits of our understanding of disease are largely a function of the limits of our observational imaging tools. The BIO5 Institute has tremendous strengths in imaging and optical sciences, imaging technology development, imaging methods, and clinical translation to further enable new scientific discoveries and improve clinical outcomes.

We have seen great success in translating basic science innovations and developments into clinical applications that impact patient care.

  • We secure extramurally funded pre-clinical and clinical research programs that have fostered multi-disciplinary collaborations within the university, as well as with other universities, industry, and the military.
  • We cultivate opportunities for growth and expansion in the increasingly important areas of molecular imaging and clinical translation.
  • Our innovative scientists are leaders in the development of novel, non-invasive imaging tools for earlier diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Bioimaging enables fundamental discoveries in areas such as brain connectivity and function, and empowering patient-specific clinical treatment strategies. We aim to continue to push the frontiers of medical imaging technology to advance new diagnostics, technologies, and spinout companies.