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Invest in BIO5

BIO5 scientists and innovators are making huge strides in improving the health and life of the Arizona community and beyond. To continue this work, the BIO5 Institute needs diverse funding and philanthropic investments from individuals and foundations that share this vision for a better future.

From finding cures to devastating diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, to human health-related concerns threatening our planet and ensuring food security from years to come, the BIO5 Institute is uniquely positioned to develop bold solutions to the world’s pressing biology-based challenges. With your generous support, we can make these solutions possible.

To support BIO5 research, please contact Jessie Allen.

Help Us Educate Future Scientists

To educate and inspire the next generation of scientists and innovators, the BIO5 Institute's annual KEYS Research Internship is one of Arizona’s premiere training programs for high school students interested in STEM skills. 

Each summer, interns work on immersive, real-world projects under the mentorship of University of Arizona scientists. They gain skills in interdisciplinary bioscience, biomedical science, data science, engineering and environmental health that can’t be taught in the classroom. This experience goes beyond a traditional internship experience to create a pipeline of research talent in Arizona, showing young minds that a scientific career path is possible.

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