Lingling An
Associate Professor, Agricultural-Biosystems Engineering
Associate Professor, BIO5 Institute
Associate Professor, Public Health
Associate Professor, Statistics-GIDP
Primary Department
(520) 621-1248
Research Interest

Lingling An, PhD, conducts research in the interdisciplinary boundaries of many fields such as statistical sciences, biological and medical sciences, genomics and genetics. Her statistical group's major research interests include development and application of statistical and computational methods for analysis of high-dimensional genomic/genetic, metagenomic/ metatranscriptomic, and epigenomic data. The overlying vision is to develop rigorous, timely and useful statistical and computational methodologies to help biologists/geneticists to ask, answer, and disseminate biologically interesting information in the quest to understand the ultimate function of DNA and gene network.


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An, L. (2017). Accurate Prediction of Postmortem Interval with Integrating Microbial Community Dynamics. Forensic Science International.
An, L. (2017). Autonomous Detection of an Abiotic and Biotic Disturbance in a Microalgae Culture System Using a Multi-Wavelength Optical Density Sensor. Biosystems Engineering.
Tamimi, E., Kacira, M. -., Choi, C., & An, L. -. (2013). Analysis of microclimate uniformity in a naturally vented greenhouse with a high-pressure fogging system. Transactions of the ASABE, 56, 1241-1254.
An, L. (2017). Suspect Reduction for Culture Independent Microbial Source Tracking in Trace Evidence Analysis Using Community. Journal of Forensic Sciences.