The BIO5 Biomedical Device Prototyping Service

The BIO5 Biomedical Device Prototyping Service (BDPS) is located in the Keating building as a service to support UArizona researchers in the development of new novel devices, modification to existing devices or development of devices to assist in research activities.

BDPS Offers:

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Software engineering support
  • Machine shop coordination
  • Coordination of 3D printer services across campus to assist in the development of these devices
  • Provide complete analysis, design, fabrication, modification and testing services throughout the entire process of development, or simply provide these services for only a portion of the overall project


BDPS Assists Researchers With:

  • Developing new and novel devices
  • Modifying existing devices to add an enhancement, new feature or alternation to meet different requirements
  • Modifying existing devices for new applications
  • Replicating experimental setups to continue research in an existing area
  • Providing fixturing or added devices to an experimental setup
  • Designing closed loop control systems for experimental configurations
  • Providing initial assistance and information to help the researcher in commercializing a device with Tech Launch Arizona


We are here to support you

Initial consultations with BDPS are at no cost to the researcher. In the development of a device, the costs for materials and services as well as BDPS labor efforts must be covered by the researchers. The materials and services must be paid for at the time of purchase or after the service is provided. BDPS labor charges are transferred at the conclusion of the project.

BIO5 Institute, University of Arizona

Keating Building Room 105

Scott DeRigne (

Office: 520-621-3381

Cell: 520-272-8862