Keating Family BIO5 Professor

Keating Family BIO5 Professor

Michael Johnson and Jennifer Barton stand with the Keating Family

About the Professorship

Created by BIO5 Institute director Jennifer Kehlet Barton and made possible by the Thomas W. Keating family, the Keating Family Endowed Professor for Interdisciplinary Research at the BIO5 Institute is given to a BIO5 member who exemplifies the characteristics of interdisciplinary biosciences research excellence, collegiality, spirit of mentorship and engagement, and strong communication skills. 

Awarded for a one-year period starting July 1, 2023, the professorship is renewable for an additional one-year period upon review by the BIO5 Institute director. As a rotating professorship, future awardees will be chosen through a nomination and committee process. Associated funds can be used for exploring new research areas, purchasing equipment, and supporting students.

Read more about the inaugural Keating BIO5 Professor, Michael D.L. Johnson.