From outreach to business: BIO5 Institute internship gives University of Arizona students perspective

May 14, 2024

Two undergraduate students dove into outreach and finance during their year-long BIO5 Ambassador Internship.

BIO5 Ambassador interns and their facilitators

Shiv Shukla (far left) and Adeeb Hossain (far right) were the 2023-2024 BIO5 Ambassadors. BIO5 student workers Paulina Garza and Drew Seiser (center) helped facilitate the internship program that gives University of Arizona undergraduates a look inside the business side of science.

For seven years, an internship through the BIO5 Institute has given University of Arizona undergraduates a behind-the-scenes viewpoint into the business and marketing aspects of a research institute. They earn academic credit while choosing a project of their choice and attending professional development workshops developed by various BIO5 staff. 

This year, biomedical sciences major and senior Adeeb Hossain conducted outreach with Kelle Hyland, KEYS program manager, for the BIO5 Institute’s annual summer program focused on high school students interested in developing STEM skills. To learn the fundamentals of finance management, economics major and freshman Shiv Shukla worked with Sean Cadin, business manager at the BIO5 Institute. 

Learn more about their experiences! 

What have you learned from the BIO5 Ambassador program?  

AH: Innovation involves more than just the science portion; it takes a village. You need people from all backgrounds to see a project through from start to finish. 

SS: Through the BIO5 Ambassadors program, I learned the foundations of science 

communications and laboratory administration. 


What is your biggest takeaway?  

AH: Communicate. It is hard to go far in research without having an open mind and being able to talk to the right people.  

SS: My biggest takeaway from the internship has been a thorough understanding of the 

functions of the lab holistically, from research to financing to the community. 


Did you learn anything surprising or unexpected?  

AH: Your surroundings play a bigger role in creativity and exploration than you think. Place yourself in a creative, collaborative environment and see what comes to fruition.  

SS: One of the unexpected lessons I learned was during a professional development workshop led by faculty from the UArizona Eller College of Management. I learned about  the different types of bias present in communication. 


How was your experience working with your BIO5 mentor? 

AH: I had a great experience working with Kelle Hyland and the KEYS facilitators. It was awesome to visit different high schools in Tucson and inspire the next generation of aspiring researchers to pursue a career in STEM.  

SS: Working with my mentor Sean Cadin has been a tremendously insightful experience. Under his tutelage, I learned the fundamentals of financial management with respect to research institutions.  


What would you say to someone interested in applying to the BIO5 Ambassadorship program?  

AH: This is a unique and rewarding experience that can give you a valuable perspective on the relationship between science and business. You won’t find anything like this from other internships.  

SS: I say put your best foot forward and get ready for an incredible and tailored learning experience, full of support and connections. 


What are your next steps in school or after graduation?  

AH: After graduating this spring, I will be attending medical school.  

SS: I will continue my degree program in economics and seek more opportunities to learn about healthcare and research administration. I will also be working in Phoenix over the summer with the BIO5 Institute.