Ashwani Kumar Gupta

Ashwani Kumar Gupta

Research Assistant Professor, Surgery
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(520) 626-7754

Work Summary

I am generating human embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells kidney and liver organoids. Further, I am investigating in vivo maturation and functional properties of organoids after implantation in rodents. I am also involved in rodent kidney and liver bio-scaffolds cellularization with stem cells derived progenitors, differentiation, and characterization of their physiological properties.

Research Interest

Ashwani Kumar Gupta, Ph.D., is a Research Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Arizona. Dr. Gupta’s research work has been focused to study kidney development and disease. Diseases of the kidneys are common and debilitating, often with limited treatment options. There is no curative treatment available for patients with chronic kidney diseases except renal transplantation. The lack of availability of transplant organs warrants research into technologies to understand how new kidney tissues can be generated. In recent years, generation of kidney organoids from stem cells has become an important technology, with potential translational applications. Dr. Gupta’s research interest is to understand the pathways that regulate kidney stem/progenitor cell self-renewal and differentiation, to generate transplantable kidney tissues. His current research is focused to generate 3D organs using de-cellularized organ scaffolds, physiologically functional kidney organoids with glomerular filtration apparatus and interconnecting nephrons with collecting ducts/ureter. Dr. Gupta’s primary goal is to generate transplantable kidney tissues for patients with end-stage renal diseases.