Frederic Zenhausern

Frederic Zenhausern

Director, Center for Applied NanoBioscience and Medicine
Professor, Basic Medical Sciences
Professor, Radiation Oncology
Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Professor, Clinical Translational Sciences
Director, Program Development and Implementation
Professor, BIO5 Institute
Member of the General Faculty
Member of the Graduate Faculty
(602) 827-2051

Work Summary

Our research approaches apply a combination of advances in nanoscience, molecular biology and omics to a new generation of biological tools and sensors based on nano and microscale technologies for breakthrough applications in healthcare delivery.

Research Interest

Dr. Zenhausern research interests encompass multiple scientific themes combining engineering and medicine to develop platform technologies with global impact for improving human life and the delivery systems of more comprehensive and personalized cares. In alignment with the fourth industrial revolution, Zenhausern and his team at the Center for Applied Nanobioscience and Medicine (ANBM) provides an interdisciplinary framework for advancing technological innovation from discoveries to medical products by partnering with governmental, clinical and industrial institutions across the globe, while training the next generation of students and professionals. Keywords: Technology Platforms Development; Integrated Biomedical Systems