Ian F Robey
Research Scholar
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(520) 626-5874
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Ian Robey, PhD, is a Research Assistant Professor with the Department of Medicine, University of Arizona, and a Full Investigator at the Arizona Cancer Center. Dr. Robey is a new investigator studying the role of pH in tumor behavior. He is interested in the mechanisms driving acid-mediated invasion and metastases and how pH modulation can be used for therapeutic purposes in cancer treatment.Dr. Robey is published in over 20 research articles ranging in immunology and cancer biology. He regularly presents his research at national meetings and conferences. He is a lecturer for the introductory biology course for Biomedical Engineering and serves as a committee member for graduate student comprehensive examinations. He is a mentor for Molecular and Cellular Biology student projects. He has been a regular attending and voting IRB member since 2008. He is a regular peer reviewer of grant proposals and manuscripts. Dr. Robey’s current research is focused on investigating the mechanisms of systemic alkalinization in tumor bearing mice to inhibit the spread of metastases. The objective of my project is to advance the preclinical findings on the effects of tumor alkalinization to promote the application of eventual clinical trials with the expectation of establishing a research program bridging integrative medicine and diagnosis/ therapy driven non-invasive imaging methodologies.