Rongguang Liang

Rongguang Liang

Professor, BIO5 Institute
Member of the Graduate Faculty
Primary Department

Work Summary

Dr. Liang’s research focuses on three major fields: biomedical imaging, advanced imaging, and optical engineering. In biomedical imaging, his lab has been working on various imaging techniques for image guided surgery, cancer detection and diagnosis, including low-cost, mobile imaging platform for oral cancer screening in low-resource setting and multimodal OCT system for precision oral cancer detection and diagnosis. His lab has also been investigating new optical techniques for tissue imaging, such as confocal, light sheet, multiphoton, and hyperspectral imaging. In advanced imaging, Dr. Liang’s lab aims to extract additional information based on phase, polarization, and spectrum. His lab has developed snapshot imaging techniques for polarization and spectral imaging. In optical engineering, Dr. Liang’s lab is known for the capabilities in optical design, fabrication, and testing. His group has been developing compact optical systems for medical, consumer, industrial, and space applications, including three cameras used in NASA’s OSIRIX-REx mission. In addition to precision diamond turning, his lab has developed unique 3D printing method for fabricating precision freeform optics. Dr. Liang’s group has also been very active on optical metrology, with a focus on freeform and snapshot metrology.

Research Interest

Dr. Liang’s research interest is to develop, prototype, and evaluate advanced optical imaging techniques for medical, consumer, and industrial applications.