Sabrina McNew

Sabrina McNew

Assistant Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Member of the Graduate Faculty
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(520) 626-3950

Work Summary

Sabrina McNew is a disease ecologist and Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. She received her PhD from the University of Utah and was a postdoctoral fellow at Cornell University before joining the faculty at the University of Arizona in 2022. Her lab studies host-parasite interactions with a particular focus on invasive parasites and pathogens in the Galapagos Islands.

Research Interest

Sabrina McNew studies disease ecology of birds and their parasites and pathogens. She received her PhD from the University of Utah and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Cornell University and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Dr. McNew's goal is to understand how host-parasite interactions affect species' ecology and evolution in a changing world. Her work centers on the following themes: 1) the behavioral ecology of host defense, 2) transcriptomic and epigenetic responses of birds to novel stressors, and 3) community ecology of hosts and parasites. She conducts research in unique biomes ranging from Sonoran Sky Islands to the Galapagos Islands. Her work integrates field experiments, comparative genomics, and creative analytical approaches. She is committed to broadening participation and perspectives in STEM and building a supportive and collaborative lab environment.