College of Medicine – Tucson Celebrates Inventors With Awarded Patents

The faculty-inventors present at the patent coin luncheon include (left to right) Jen Koevary (Department of Biomedical Engineering), Andrew Tang (Department of Surgery), Michael Abecassis (Dean of the College of Medicine – Tucson), Steven Goldman (Sarver Heart Center), Terry Matsunaga (Department of Medical Imaging), Jordan Lancaster (Sarver Heart Center), Meredith Hay (Department of Physiology), Ray Runyon (on behalf of Esther Sternberg), and Sairam Parthasarathy (Department of Medicine).
Tech Launch Arizona
The College of Medicine – Tucson and Tech Launch Arizona recognized inventors for their dedication to creating impact from their innovative work at a special luncheon held on September 15, 2022. At this, the first event of its kind for the college, TLA presented each attendee with a commemorative coin for each patent issued during fiscal year 2021 bearing their name as an inventor.