College Students Wanted For National COVID-19 Post-Vaccine Study

Boxes of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, sterile packaging, and a black marker on a yellow table
UArizona Health Sciences Connect
Can vaccinated people who are exposed to COVID-19 still shed the virus from their nose and mouth and infect others? Answering that question will influence whether masking and social distancing rules are warranted for those who have been vaccinated. That’s the goal of PreventCOVIDU, a clinical trial that is recruiting 12,000 students at more than 20 universities nationwide, including the University of Arizona. Dr. Elizabeth Connick, BIO5 member, Infectious Diseases Division chief, and professor at the UArizona College of Medicine-Tucson, co-leads the UArizona PreventCOVIDU site, and hopes to recruit up to 700 UArizona students to participate in the trial.