DANGER IN THE DUST: Why Valley Fever Is A National Problem

desert landscape with a cactus in the foreground.
The coronavirus pandemic is intersecting with another respiratory illness endemic to Arizona: Valley Fever. Spread the word to anyone you know who has visited our area and now has coronavirus-like symptoms. It could be another respiratory illness we know all too well in Southern Arizona. It’s caused by a fungus in our soil. It is possible, but extremely rare, to contract COVID and Valley Fever at the same time. If you’ve had Valley Fever, you’re not more susceptible to COVID. It’s a popular belief that you won’t get Valley Fever after living here for a few years. The median diagnosis time for residents is actually 12 years, and the fungus can lie dormant in your body. It is not contagious, and there’s no real way to prevent it, but you can help by avoiding dust.