Science talks podcast - Dr. Ski Chilton
Episode 3: Pursing wellness amid COVID-19
Precision Nutrition and Wellness Director Dr. Floyd "Ski" Chilton discusses the upcoming Precision Wellness in the Time of COVID-19 series and how he helps others to support their well-being through his research, books and outreach.
Brittany Uhlorn, BIO5 Institute

Over the past year, many have become more interested in ways to support their mental, physical and emotional well-bring. Dr. Floyd "Ski" Chilton, BIO5 member and Director of the Precision Nutrition and Wellness Initiative discusses the upcoming Precision Wellness in the Time of COVID-19 public series that aims to educate the public and help them pursue health, both during the pandemic and for years to come. Chilton also shares how he pursues mindfulness and well-being, and how he imparts these messages on others through his research, outreach and books.