Mosquito Populations Could Sharply Rise After Heavy Monsoon Rains

Mosquito on a black and aqua checkered background
The Pima County Health Department traps, counts, and identifies mosquitoes around the area and tests them for diseases. They said less than about 1,500 have gone under their microscope this year after trapping, about 300-400 less than last year at this time. The dry monsoon seasons and drought the last few years have had an impact on mosquitoes. Their breeding ground dried up. However, populations, while down, can spike quickly with ample breeding grounds, said Riehle. Females are the only ones that bite, and after their meal, they can lay eggs, which can turn into dozens and dozens of adults. The process takes a little less than two weeks, from egg to adult, and in the coming weeks, the area is likely to see an increase in mosquitoes.